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Danaa Smith
If you are at all confused with how the USA Green Card Lottery system works then you are not alone. It’s been estimated that out of ten million forms applicants handed in that three million of those forms were disqualified. This was due to errors with details and format problems.

It’s shocking to find out that millions of people have been disqualified from the USA Green Card Lottery due to simple problems that should not have happened. This article is aimed at parting the cloud of confusion around the USA Green Card Lottery.

What exactly is the USA Green Card Lottery?

The USA Green Card Lottery is a system that has been set up by the USA government to allow immigrants to apply to live and work in the United States Of America. The government issues an annual quota of 50 thousand green cards every year through a program called the Diversity Lottery Program or DV.

Can anyone apply?

No, not everyone can apply because there are certain requirements that need to be met. The basic requirements to participate in the Diversity Lottery Program are:

Either you or your spouse is a native to a country that is on the list of eligible countries. If one of your parents are a native to a country on the list then you may be able to

apply also.

You must have a high school diploma or the United States equivalent in education. Or you must be able to show appropriate work experience.

Why is my country not on the list?

Each year the Government makes changes and updates the list for eligible countries. If the United States have received over 50,000 immigrants in a period of five years then that country will be made non-eligible. So if your country is not listed then it means that the quota over a five year period has been met. Remember that you can still apply if either you or your spouses parent are native to a country that is on the list.

How much does it cost to participate in the USA Green Card Lottery?

It does not cost anything at all to enroll in the USA Green Card Lottery. But as was stated earlier many applicants each year gets their application disqualified from simple errors. A good option is to get help from a third party agent. Although this does cost a fee it should be looked at as an investment since they can help you every step of the way in submitting your application.

With the help of third party agency that is experienced with the USA Green Card Lottery procedure you chances of making a mistake on your application is greatly reduced.


William Foster, developer of winning lottery systems, has become a well-known expert in his field. At first, it wasn’t easy. He had to work for years before he found success. But he had his dreams from a young age and never wavered in his attempt to fulfill them.

William Foster gained an appreciation of what people who play the lotto really want out of life by playing it early in life with his grandmother. What they wanted was a better life. A huge jackpot was not necessary for them. Simply, they desired to be able to pay for the things they needed and sometimes pay for things they wanted.

William Foster nor his grandmother had the success they wanted in those early years of playing. However, he always thought there was a better way to increase his chances of winning. To try to start a winning streak, William Foster started trying every lotto winning system, method, and course he could find.

Unfortunately, none of them gave him a sense that he could actually win. He found that although some might have a good idea every now and then, most were scams. None of these systems brought William Foster any closer to his dream.

Things were about to change. William found out a world-famous lottery expert named James Gray-Brown was giving a training seminar in his hometown.

Mr. Gray-Brown offered up methods that William Foster had never heard of. The most important thing William Foster learned from the seminar was that “The secret to winning isn’t to focus on the jackpot… the real key is to win the small prizes first”. That was totally opposite what all the systems he had been trying were

telling him.

William Foster waited to talk to Mr. Gray-Brown after the session. He told him how much he enjoyed the lecture. William informed him that he was an experienced computer programmer and would like to build a software system based on his complex math formulas.

William Foster had found someone that understood and shared his ideas. Together, they worked on a new system. He listened to every secret and method Mr. The ideas he offered had come from years and years of research. He asked questions, offered suggestions, and tested their new system by actually playing it.

The Win Lotto System was the name they decided on for their new system. Although it was a very simple name, it was one they hoped would catch on worldwide. As players began to use his system, he heard from so many of them that he knew it was working.

All this started over 13 years ago. In that time, William Foster decided that he would see how his system succeeded in relation to other systems on the market. To prove this point, he bought tickets using systems that 95% of other lottery players were using along with tickets using his system.

What he found out amazed him. After playing over 600 drawings, it was shown the Win Lotto System produced more than 10 times the number of wins the other systems did. Over 50% of playing costs were won back during these drawings also.

William Foster knew his idea of building a lottery system that focused on letting players win the smaller amounts so they could keep playing at a low cost would be successful. It is used by thousands today. By using the Win Lotto System, players had begun winning and use their winnings to continue playing. By playing more often, their odds of winning the big payoff everyone wants increases every time they play.


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